In order to receive a free, no-obligation quotation, please provide the following information:

Translation job

  • Please attach the source text to your email to help me provide you with an accurate quote. The source text should preferably be in an editable format, such as Word, Excel or RTF.
  • Translation direction (Please indicate source and target language.)
  • For the translation directions English>German and Spanish>German: Do you wish to receive a certified translation?
  • Deadline for the translation

Interpreting job

  • Interpretation appointment (Please indicate location, date, time and duration.)
  • What kind of interpretation: simultaneous or community interpreting?
  • Language combination (Please indicate source and target language.)
  • Topic of the interpreting job
  • Please provide me with available texts of speeches in advance.
  • Please provide me with the agenda, programmes, order of speakers etc. in advance.
  • Equipment on site: Is there an interpreters’ booth?
  • Contact person/organiser

Language training

  • Which language would you like to learn or be trained in?
  • Would you like to receive individual or group lessons?
  • Please indicate the teaching location.
  • Are you learning this language for your job? If so, for which particular professional field?
    How do you evaluate your present language proficiency (beginner, intermediate, advanced)? The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages will assist your evaluation. You can identify your level here.
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