Available types of interpretation:

Simultaneous interpreting
Community interpreting
Telephone interpreting / remote interpreting

Language combinations for interpreting:

English <> German
Spanish <> German
Dutch <> German
Swedish <> German

Other language combinations for interpreting, such as Dutch <> Spanish, on request.


natural understanding works with SDL Trados Studio 2017 to ensure high quality translations with consistent terminology. 

Translation directions:

English > German
Spanish > German
Dutch > German
Swedish > German

Translation directions for certified translations:

English > German
Spanish > German

Fields of expertise                                                                       

Solar energy, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, solar cells, solar panels
Bioclimatic architecture, sustainable architecture, living roof, roof gardens, green walls
Environmental protection, renewable energies, renewables, energy efficiency, sustainable energy, electrical energy storage, smart grids
Health, nutrition, sustainability, awareness
Pet keeping
Tourism, travel
Shipping, charter trips, transport, traffic